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How to Fix the IP Problems on Your PC Windows Free?

Le 9 octobre 2017, 10:08 dans Humeurs 0 Hello, guys are you having a problem with reaching the router login and running out of ideas on how to fix the IP problems. Most of the times we failed to access the wireless router setup on its first attempt due to wrong passwords or incorrect IP address on your PC and couple of times for that you have to access the router’s administrative routers hidden zone.

The others reason of not being able to access the login page are because of entering the wrong IP address or due to some errors in your PC or may be due to the hardwired connection configuration setup with the internet connector router cable. If you are having this entire problem, then you have landed on the right homepage. Here I will educate you on how to fix IP problems on your PC keep on reading till the end.


How to Fix the IP Problems on Your PC?


If you are having this entire problem mentioned above, then you have landed on the right page. Here I will educate you on how to fix IP problems on your PC keep on reading till the end. Here are some of the three ways to figure out on how to fix the IP problems on your PC. Check them out below.


Possibility of the Quick Fix:

First of all, before we go through any kind of technical errors let us learn the basic things. Do some check up on your PC that whether the hardwired is directly connected to the router. Also, make sure that the internet connector cable is fitted on the PC correctly and make sure that us it is fixed into the back side of the router.

Most popular method of fast and easy fixes are performing the power cycle as it will remove the power from your router, you just have to have to wait for a while, and that is just a matter of a couple of seconds and then plugging the power right to its place.

Notice few things like you should see some light in the front of the router or else you might be seeing the electrical outlet errors also may be at the burnt out of the router. The Light of LED indicator should function indicating the port number of the PC which has a connection. Also, make sure that the cable is plugging in the back side of your PC and it must contain the LED light at the outlet of the cable.

IP Address Errors on the PC:

How to Fix the IP Problems

The IP address of your PC should be in the same subnet as the router’s IP address in such a way for the proper connection between them. The router’s IP address is that simply says that you need to start with 192.168.1and the last digit number has to be placed with ay digits order from 2 to 225 and except for 0 and 1.

In case, router’s IP address is then the IP address on your PC should start with the IP address 192.168.0_ and if you operate your PC starting IP address with any other digits than the connection between the router and your PC  is not likely to work.

Most of the condition the PC network cards are set up in an automatic mode for gaining the IP address from the router in such a way that the router will create a companionable adapter without any kind of errors.

Incorrect Router IP Address:

It is very to enter a valid router IP address and also make sure that you have entered it in the right way. Well, most of the people commit this mistake repeatedly. Usually, a router that depends on a brand either uses router IP address and if these two does not work then chances is the other might work on your PC.

Not working still then you has to check on the router whether it indicates the PC has a light with a numbered LED for communicating the port number which you have plugging. Now carefully enter the IP address correctly and make sure you do not enter the wrong one. Just for example, below are some incorrect IP address which does not work at all like www. and it is not the way to place http:// before the numbers of the IP address like It only works fine when after typing the IP address and later after pressing the click button when the browser adds up the http:// part get added by itself things work only that way

One more thing you should note down and that is you should not operate the IP address in the searching engine or using the search toolbar just make sure to type the address at the top most portion of the bar. In case if it is a Netgear brand router than without typing the IP address you must choose to type

Final Thoughts:

I hope now know to fix IP login problems and was it helpful to you? I hope it was and leave your views by commenting below in the box. Share this article as much as possible with your friends, co-workers, and family as well.

How to Connect a Router through IP? Linksys Router Setup!!

Le 9 octobre 2017, 10:07 dans Humeurs 0 vipAre you facing any problem on how to connect a router through Well, in this article we shall be sharing the details about connecting this IP address and also other information. is an IP address that is set as a default login address with your ADSL modem as well as set as default management address for other big brand routers. is a numeric value assigned to every computer, Router, Printer and other devices which are required for the purpose of network communication. There are two primary functions of IP address which are like host identification and location tracking. So, to know more about, you will have to go through the details below and get started easily.


How to Connect a Router through IP Address?

How to Connect to a Router through IP Address is an IP address used by the Linksys routers primarily to initialize itself and also to connect to other devices on the network. There are also other devices who are using the same IP address for the network connection.


The Configuration of Linksys Router on IP:

If you are using the Linksys router, you will need first to configure your router and to do so you will need to open your web browser and on the address bar type After that, you will be able to see a page with router details wherein you will be required to enter your username and password. Or you might see some pages that show you like search results and others, in such cases, it might be the issue that your router is not connected to login address or may be your computer is not able to find the router.

So, you will have to check again if the router is attached to the computer or not and also must check if the Wi-Fi is enabled on your PC not and if everything is set correctly then you are connected to the right wireless network.

How to Find your Router IP Address?

To find the router IP address is easy but if you are not sure whether is your IP address or you are not able to see your router administrative console at then it may be probably the reason that your router is configured with different IP address and you will have to search. You can follow the steps below to find your router IP address.

  • Firstly, open your web browser and type
  • Secondly, in case you don’t find the router administration page then you will have to check the following issues like you have to check whether your router is connected to your PC or not.

Steps to Connect to a Router through

To connect to a router through network is easy and simple. All you have to do is follow the given below steps and get started.

  • Firstly, you will need to login to your router through with the username of ‘admin.’
  • After you get the complete authorization, you can get the accessibility with the management panel to setup for many major functions like Router Username and password management, LAN, WAN, WLAN settings, Local network administration and IP address arrangement, Wireless network setup and configuration, ADSL setup, MAC setting, etc.
  • And the most common setup part is a wireless network configuration, and at the panel, you must configure the WIFI name, access code like WPA, WEP, WPA2 and note that you must not forget to set up a complex password. is not Working or Can not Access?

If you cannot access to, then you can follow the below mention procedure that will help you to get access to easily. Because you might come across a failure problem that might sometimes show the browser can’t get access to the router successfully. In this case, the below steps will solve your problem. Check out!

  • Firstly, you have to ping network and then click on the start button on your computer.
  • After that, you have to click on the menu RUN and  the text box you must  type ‘cmd.’
  • After typing cmd, the command window will pop up, and there you have type ping
  • Then you have to wait for a while to see the results.
  • If the results show you ‘reply from’ then your network is perfectly ok, or you might also encounter sometimes ‘request time out’ which means you are not able to connect to a wireless router.


This may be the reason that your router is unable to connect to wireless router. Check out!!

  • Maybe your PC’s TCP or IP property configuration is not correctly setup.
  • Or if you computer TCP or IP settings are properly setups as well as your router is also connected to a Modem, and if you come across the conflicts in your Modem’s setting with your router’s default setting, it might stop you from getting access to the router.
  • There is a proxy setup in your browser, and there are also some network cards in your computer, and their TCP/IP settings conflict.
  •  If your router’s gateway is not, then you must have mistaken it with 192.168.l.l.


So, these are some of the important points that you need to keep in mind if you want to connect a Router through easily and I have also shared you other details how you can get access to a Router through with easy steps to understand. If you find this post helpful, then you can share it with your friends and also leave a comment below if you have any queries. Thanks.

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How to Reset Forgot Router’s IP Password Or Username?

Le 9 octobre 2017, 10:07 dans Humeurs 0 IP: The router security is very important, and it is always necessary to log in the router every time you use it for your purpose. Moreover, it is important that you maintain a username and password for security purpose of your routine. So, in case you forgot the password of the router, what will you do to fix it? Well, this is really an important issue which has to get fixed as early as possible. In this post, I will tell you how to fix this reset forgot router username password issue on yourself.

So, this is what I am going to discuss with you all in this post, as most of the people use the router for accessing to the internet. What happens most of the time with router users is that, their password gets leaked and sometimes the users also forgets their own set password. Hence, in such a case you can reset your password by creating a new password. So, if you want to know the entire process involved in resetting the password, then please read ahead of this post.


Steps to Reset Forgot Router Username Password: 

Forgot Router Password

There is no doubt that maintaining security is a must to protect your router but when it comes to resetting your password, then you have to solve the issue immediately. So, there are methods to resolve this issue of resetting forgot router username password; please read the steps mentioned below:


There are three types of login processes involved in TP-LINK wireless router, and you need to confirm your router login mode and a quick solution to that. So, refer to the following process involved in fixing this problem:

Step 1- Log in to Request an Administrator Password

The first and foremost thing is to log in to the router to request an administrator password vip. The administrator password is the first thing to log to the Router interface while the password of 6-15 digits is set. So, make sure that you do this very carefully and in full conscious because one wrong step can lead to double the tasks. In case you forgot the administrator password that was set earlier then you can reset the administrator password to log in the router.

Forgot Wireless Router Password

Step 2 – Enter Username and Password:

You are required to modify the username and password if it is not modified yet to create a new password of your router. Press and hold the reset button on the rear panel with a pin and turn the router on after a while. You have to enter the admin and password admin login to the letter in lower case.

In case you have modified already the user name and password and forget it then you must reset your router by entering new username and password. However, make sure that the new username and password are entered in the admin login of the lowercase.

Step 3 – Request the Input Password:

You can now enter admin login if the password was modified earlier and the letter is lowercase. So, this will completely create a new password and you can easily login now. In case the login password has been modified, but you forgot then, please reset the router by entering the admin login. So, this way you can fix the problem by resetting the password easily.

Request the Input Password

For Resetting Wireless Router:

Wireless router has two kinds of reset button such as Reset buttons and Reset holes. However, the resetting method is the same with that of wired router. For doing the setting in wireless router just go with the steps mentioned below:

For Resetting Wireless Router

First of all, you have to turn the router off and then press and hold the reset button with a pin on the real panel. You can hold the button for 6-10 seconds after it is turned on and later release the reset button and wait for the device to reboot.


So, this is how you can reset forgot router login username password and fixed the issue easily by yourself without the help of any technician. So, forgetting router password is a complete insecure factor or getting your router password leak is a great issue, which you have to fix as soon as possible. Thus, you can now easily fix this problem and start experiencing the superfast net connectivity as before with your router.

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